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"After the Final Sunset, Again is deserving a Hugo nomination. ...when a kid’s got it, you have to acknowledge when you see it." - Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots...

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Adventures in SciFi Publishing

This was a podcast conducted by Shaun Farrell interviewing me and another 1st place WotF Winner, Matt Rotundo. It was a really fun interview that goes into our respective histories with the contest: Adventures in Sci-Fi Publisihng

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Heidi Ruby Miller’s Pick Six

Conducted by fellow contributor to Sails & Sorcery, Heidi Ruby Miller, interviewees were allowed to select six questions out of fifteen or so, some of which were really off the wall: Heidi Ruby Miller’s Pick Six

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Seven Dark Questions

Conducted by Michael E. Hanson after “Reach Into Acid” was published, Seven Dark Question gets into a bit of a post-mortem for that story, one I wrote in the middle of severe burnout from doing both Clarion West AND WotF …

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Innsmouth Free Press

Conducted by talented writers and Innsmouth editor Silvia Morena-Garcia just after I won Writers of the Future, this interview talks a lot about how I write, what themes I like to explore, and really helped me to discover my writing …

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Diabolical Plots

Conducted by buddy Dave Steffen, this interview goes into the differences between Clarion West, and also the origin of my winning WotF story, “After the Final Sunset, Again”. Like a Moth to Flame: Jordan Lapp

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  • RaygunRevival Teaser

    This is a trailer for short fiction magazine Raygun Revival. Written by Jordan Ellinger. Double Click for full version.