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Jordan Ellinger

Raygun Revival Teaser


This is a trailer for short fiction magazine Raygun Revival that Every Day Publishing recently acquired. Raygun Revival has always held a special place in my heart because I love the kind of fiction they publish. Also, they’ve published two of my stories.

Starring Rod Bird as Aging Space Ace Adam Kerby as Space Radio Announcer

Direction, Cinematography, Editing Andy LeBlanc

Script Jordan Ellinger

Story Andy LeBlanc

Producers Steven Smethurst Jordan Ellinger Andy LeBlanc

Sound Adam Kerby

Costume Steven Smethurst

Greenscreen/Compositing Hobart Butterworth

Music “Requiem” by Brahms performed by St. Matthews Choir…

Galaxy Image Hubble, NASA, ESA processed by Robert Gendler

Special Thanks
Chloe and Peter O’Loughlin

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