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"After the Final Sunset, Again is deserving a Hugo nomination. ...when a kid’s got it, you have to acknowledge when you see it." - Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots...

Jordan Ellinger

Sails & Sorcery

Mermaids. Pirates. Flying ships. Creatures from the deep. Magic beyond your wildest dreams. The sea is a dangerous and wonderful realm. It calls to many, promising riches, adventure, or freedom. But just as there are beautiful and remarkable treasures to be found upon and below the waves, do not underestimate the dangers hidden within its depths. So polish your cutlass and prepare your spells for what awaits. Embark upon a journey across leagues of unimaginable adventure. Ride the waves to mystery and magic. Featuring 28 stories and 42 illustrations, including tales by New York Times best-seller Elaine Cunningham, Paul S. Kemp, Patrick Thomas, and James M. Ward with an all-new story featuring Halcyon Blithe.


Jordan Lapp’s “The Second Voyage Of The Stormreaver’s Blade” is about the crew of a ship who come up against a temple guardian after rescuing a Lord’s daughter from kidnappers. As one of their lot falls for the girl and dedicates himself to protecting her, the others find themselves facing seemingly overwhelming odds in their fight to find the Bag of Winds and end the torment of the Endless Storm outside. Told well in the first person point of view of a crew member, the story has good action and well drawn core characters and offers a take on the theme different from many of the others to this point. Enjoyable read. – B.T. Schimdt, Rise Reviews

“The Second Voyage of the Stormreaver’s Blade” by Jordan Lapp tells of Kessler, who sails with a group of cursed pirates to the ominous Mud Shark Atoll to break their curse in exchange for the freedom of the governor’s daughter, whom the pirates hold.

This is tale of adventure, told by Kessler himself, as though over a hearty pint to a group of rapt townsfolk. The narrator’s voice is authentic, and vivid descriptions bring the story alive. Strong tension throughout keeps the reader interested, and there is a nice twist at the end. – Kimberly Lundstrom, The Fix

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