Sha'Daa Last Call

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"After the Final Sunset, Again is deserving a Hugo nomination. ...when a kid’s got it, you have to acknowledge when you see it." - Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots...

Jordan Ellinger

Sha’Daa Last Call

Once every ten thousand years, the veils between the planes of reality grown thin. Evil things, lurking just beyond the light of day scrabble and claw their way through the veil and seek to overtake the Earth. For 48 hours, all the stands between utter destruction and the innocent citizens of the world are a handful of courageous men and women. And one unlikely hero – a salesman known only as Johnny. Sha’Daa: Last Call is the second book in the two book shared-world anthology series from Michael H. Hanson and his team of world-class authors.


Reach in the Acid by Jordan Lapp, is probably my favorite tale in the collection. The hostile futility of investigating the disappearance of personnel on the moon strikes me as frightening-again with the Twilight Zone type scenario here. Jordan sets Johnny up as a little colder, perhaps more hostile and sinister than I think Hansen envisioned but still it works very well. – David J. West, Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart

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