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Too much going on…

Things have been a little quiet recently (except for Twitter), but I have an explanation, honest.

Too. Much. Work. I know, this is the type of thing that pretentious writers like to complain about, and I’m well aware how many eye-teeth would be given to have this particular problem….but I’ve been snowed under.

A couple of writer friends of mine and I swapped numbers on what we’re working on and, well, here are my current projects:

-One short story for Larry Segriff’s project. Larry’s purchase of a Katya story from me back in March got this whole show rolling, so I’m very excited to be doing another story for him.

-Three unannounced *but bought* short stories for a major publisher. I’ve been sitting on this news for a while. The first of these should be announced soon.

-One short story for World’s Collider anthology, edited by Richard Salter. I loved the concept for this antho and Richard is a friend and fellow writer of a shall-not-be-named major gaming franchise, so I was ecstatic when he asked me to be a part of his anthology.

-One 25K word military thriller novella with UK author Steve Savile. This one is done its first pass and I’m waiting for word from Steve on any rewrites.

-One requested novel pitch from a cannot-be-named major franchise.

-One signed novel for another franchise.

-One paying, high-profile editorial gig for a magazine launching in a week or so.

-One paying editorial gig for the transmedia project surrounding Animism. Very excited about this one. Zereos to Heroes media is trying a multi-pronged experiment to develop their brand and I’m proud to be a part of it.

-One 10 minute long short film titled “Face Blindness” written and directed by me, and acted by Leanne Lapp and Lee Majdoub. I’m currently editing this puppy and hope to submit it to a few festivals so that I can have a pro credit and my own IMDB page before the Crazy8s festival begins in January.

-Negotiating serializing a novel by another author in Ray Gun Revival, one of the magazines owned by EDP and run by Overlords Johne Cook and L. S. King.

-My work with Every Day Fiction.

Also, there’s my day job. Yeah, the thing that pays my bills.

So, yeah, my brain hurts. I have a disease where, not only can I not say “no” to paying writing gigs, but I also actively seek out new work even when I’m overloaded.

Anyways, I wish I could start announcing these projects so that my bibliography page didn’t look so freaking empty, but when you start selling to the big guys you operate on their schedule not the other way around. For now, I toil in silence.

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3 Responses to Too much going on…

  1. An embarrassment of riches! A tragedy of sandwiches!

    I don’t know, man. Maybe you should, I don’t know… take on less work.

    Like, not a lot less.

    A bit less.

    So you have time for an afternoon nap, every once in a while. Those are the best.

  2. I thought you should know that, despite the too-much-work-to-blog thing, I just nominated you for (okay, more bestowed upon you) a Liebster Award. Here’s what it is:

  3. Jordan Ellinger says:

    Thanks Scott!

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